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Vampire sex chat

"We talked a lot about how things suck," jokes Gwinner.

"But in times of economic contraction, fear of job loss, and war, the vampire myth really speaks to people.

And after wading through 3,700 comments, Lowery has noted at least one theme that keeps popping up: "Even if a vampire is your lover and gentle and kind, he still has the power to rip someone's leg off," she says.

"Sometimes I think women just want to be protected, and that's not so bad."That may have something to do with all the adolescent angst we still have bottled up. It's all about the classic, tormented relationship, the otherness," says Dr.

) In a new Gillette billboard that ties into True Blood, a vampire hunk caresses his cleanly shaven face next to the phrase "Dead Sexy." In another ad, for Marc Ecko cologne, a male vampire nibbles at a naked woman's neck with the line "Attract a Human." As if they needed any help.

What struck Ramsland as rather odd was that most women wanted to be the victim rather than the hunter.

"I think it's kind of weird to be the impaled one, the seduced one," she says.

"People are really excited about this," says Heidi Johnson, Vampire-Con's PR director.

"Even my grandmother is into vampires now." Keep up with this story and more 's vampire duo of Bill Compton and Eric Northman) set the female heart aflutter, a young, virile Frank Langella did the same thing with his sly portrayal of the count in John Badham's 1979 big-screen adaptation of the story.

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In the fall, the CW debuts crowd want someone other than Chace Crawford to bite them.