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More recently, Schumacher talked to Variety and admits he remains surprised that the nipples remain so controversial.

"As a teenage girl it wouldn't occur to you now that women aren't funny.

"Miranda's a wonderful model of girl friendship, I think," says Phillips. She [Miranda] goes on a date and the way that it is plotted is that she meets the guy for two seconds and then unpacks it for four minutes with Sarah Hadland (who plays her joke-shop colleague, Stevie) and then you don't even see the date and she unpacks it again for another four minutes with Sarah Hadland.

Not wanting to discuss Ollie is entirely understandable, of course, as she herself puts it succinctly: "There seems something vaguely unsavoury about talking about my son with Down syndrome when promoting a show". You make your own assumptions if you read 'Sally Phillips is a Christian'.

Where's that come from – haven't they read about me being a Christian?

"It makes a change from being forever cast as 'the best friend', a process that continues with Miranda, but which began with the two Bridget Jones movies, in which she played the wine-guzzling singleton's pal, Shazzer.

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