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The confrontation came to a head when leading feminist American lobbyist Eva Parsons went on CNN and demanded the federal government clamp down on Silk Stockings' pornographic advertisements pointing out the negative impact it had already had on once adorable Disney stars and classrooms across America.

Eva Parsons really got on a roll with her criticism of the newest all girl supergroup, Silky Sin, and their debut album "Stocking-Tease" which featured each of them in some sort of nylons playing a game of twister.

" He called CNN and as expected was quickly added to the conversation.

Thanks: To BLUE for the unique idea that led to this story and his suggestions that led to the lengthy plot.

Thanks 2: Thanks to Robert, Wayne, goamz86 and Mike for editing. A LENGTHY PROLOGUE with interludes of incest Syndom is a powerful secret society that has silently been manipulating world events for centuries.

Parodying the Spice Girls, each of the four sudden celebrities wore a certain type of hosiery: Star always wore thigh highs Cherry always wore sheer pantyhose Brittany always wore garter belt and stockings Tiffany always wore sheer knee highs Of course, unknown to the world, each of these four young ladies aged 19-21 were Syndom Sluts who were submissive incest slaves to their families (both paternal and Syndom).

Also, Syndom, knowing sex sells, made an edgy, provocative, sexually charged, music video for each track on the album.

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Carl responded, "I was just watching your show, as I always do, and thought your guest was being a little prejudiced on her point of view of my company." Eva sharply quipped, "I'm a lot prejudiced." Carl laughed softly, "I was trying to be civil." Eva shot back quickly, wanting to stay on the offensive, "Civil?