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People often think undeveloped landscapes are “empty” until visibly modified by humans.They assume that because Native Americans chose not to live at Mesa Verde after the 1280s they had, by definition, abandoned the region.They occurred at only four cliff dwellings—one of which was Spring House.rchaeology is a wonderfully rich multidisciplinary science that benefits greatly from dendrochronology. From the stunning precision of tree-ring dates to the rich tapestry of Native American oral history, we know in astonishing detail much of what happened—and when, where, and why it happened—at Mesa Verde.

And as a result of nearly a century of collaboration between archaeologists and dendrochronologists, there are now 4,348 tree-ring dates available from 143 sites at Mesa Verde.uestions about the Mesa Verde region’s early inhabitants, known as Ancestral Puebloans, have captured the attention of the general public and scientists alike since the cliff dwellings were “discovered” by cowboys Richard Wetherill and Charles Mason on December 18, 1888.Why did the Ancestral Puebloans leave their carefully constructed cliff dwellings? Was the area completely abandoned or later used again?It suggests that resourceful and ingenious people who lived in the Mesa Verde region for millennia suddenly lacked the ability to cope with drought.y combining archaeological and tree-ring data with insights drawn from Native American oral traditions, linguistics, genetics, and other data, we now know where the people who lived at Mesa Verde went during the late 13th century: Many moved south and east to the Rio Grande Valley near present-day Santa Fe and Albuquerque in New Mexico.

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n the fall of 1282, a young carpenter went to his favorite stand of juniper trees in southwestern Colorado.