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It is located at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Phippsburg.It was in use during the Spanish American War and World War I. Fort Pownal Stockton Springs, Maine The fort was built on the shore of the Penobscot River shortly after 1758.Seacoast has a webpage that describes a Fort Foster scenic walk with lots of photos.The Maine Geological Survey of has provided a "Virtual Tour" (slideshow) of ancient fault rocks at Fort Foster.Fort Levett Cushing Island, Maine Near Portland, sits on about 140 acres on the southern side of Cushing Island in Casco Bay. This fort was last used during WWII for coastal defense. A news article published in July 2006 provides some info on Cushing Island. It was pressed into the latter role in May 1690, when four hundred to five hundred French and Indian troops attacked the settlement".The Portland, ME public works department has an online map of Cushing Island (Acrobat Reader file). This fort was built in 1678 in the center of Portland at the foot of India Street. Fort Lyon Cow Island, Portland, Maine The military built Fort Lyon in 1896, provided it with two gun batteries, to defend the harbor from enemy attack.There is also an entry with photos and maps to be found on the website.Fort Kent Fort Kent, Maine See the entry by the Upper St. Photos and description of the Fort Kent historic site is provided by the Acadian Culture in Maine web page, Fort Tours, Portland Public Schools, and by the Maine Department of Conservation.

Other descriptions are provided by American Forts, Fort Tours, and NETrailhead.

See a recent blog posting of Fort Knox providing photos and description. See also the entry for Fort Knox by the Maine Historic Sites website.

The Maine Division of Parks Public Lands has a "Fort Knox Research Room" (access here) with books, periodicals, photos, and photos of Fort Knox. served as town hall, jail, and refuge of last resort.

Fort Knox Penobscot River, Prospect, Maine This Civil War era fort is located about 100 miles northeast of Portland along the Penobscot River near Bucksport, Maine. Other sources of info for the Maine Division of Parks & Public Lands Fort Knox page, Fort Tours, and Friends of Fort Knox.

Built in the years between 18 it is made of granite and very extensive with good earthworks to defend against a land attack. A painting of Fort Knox, Maine was done in the 1870s.

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Fort George Castine, Maine Castine was the focus of many years of dispute among the English, French, Indians, and colonialists.

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