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Working part time hours down at the Day Spa to pay the bills, Amy's dreams of being a Fashion Phenomenon are what keeps her going. Not to say that this isn't true, but deep down Sofia aspires to be much more than her inheritance...

as long as it involves her popularity and a lot of partying. When Bob first analyzed Bev's profile on the dating site, he figured she was "the one." Simultaneously, the database beamed his dithered smile past the spam filter, right into her heart's inbox.

but we'll see just how long Marc's creative side can handle the rigidity of the corps.

Maybe a profession with a little more artistic appeal would be better for Marc?

The town appears to have a larger population of rich Sims than Sunset Valley or Riverview has.

These families include the Whelohffs, Pidgins, Knacks, and the Bakers.

Additionally, several of the houses belonging to the rich are larger than the Sunset Valley and Riverview wealthy families; most families in Twinbrook start with §5,000 or §10,000 in cash, while in the other worlds almost all families start with around §1000 in cash.

Therefore, Twinbrook is, by far, the most wealthy (non-store) world in the game after Bridgeport. This fact is hard to discover, but in gameplay, upon visiting map view and pressing tab, you are able to view a wider range of the town.

Written records (where legible) even two generations back use the "less," "liss" and even "lies" suffix varietals.

Don't be caught wearing last season's shoes around this superfly fashionista!

Amy's hip to the scene in her neighborhood and knows a thing or two about what's haute. Carlton isn't interested in much more than her good looks and trust fund.

So much so that she has made a nice little life for herself and her two sons.

Just don't cross her, unless you want to feel a mother's wrath!

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Will this couple be able to figure out how to live the lifestyle they love, and be able to pay the mortgage?

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