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Others claim that it’s a harmless preference on the basis of physical appearance, no different than a preference for blondes or girls with tattoos.Unfortunately, neither of these answers is correct.The term is most commonly ascribed to white men who seem to only ever date Asian women. According to data collected from online dating sites, all men except Asians prefer to romantically pursue Asian women.

Fetishization is a form of objectification, because when you seek someone out because she is Asian, you are seeing her as a racial trope rather than an individual.Being Asian means that when I meet someone for the first time, they ask me where I’m from—“New York”—no, where I’m really from.Being Asian means that men compliment me by calling me exotic.After all, most men today are not even aware of this history.The fetishization of Asian women hearkens back to an era when there was an enormous power difference between white men and Asian women, and Asian women were used as nothing more than recreational activity for bored American soldiers.

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Obviously, Asian women are simply not any more docile or submissive than any other ethnicity.