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Imagine you are dating with harry styles

”You smiled and said that that would be a great idea, then before you opened the door to go inside, he grabbed your hand and kissed you lightly right by your lips.

No dates, no going out alone, and absolutely no relationship.Harry let out a slight chuckle, slowly sitting up so that his bare back rests gently against the headboard.“Oh yeah?” He teased.“Harry” she whined, the back of her heals kicking the mattress like a little girl, “I can’t sleep without you, baby.But in between those unforgettable nights, she was content enough to sleep by herself.But now it’s nine months in, where they are both undoubtedly head over heals for each other, and Y/n just can’t sleep without him.“Your girlfriend is lonely.” She pouted as soon as he answered the phone.

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I need you.”Harry smiled, his fingers playing with the duvet lay upon his lap.“Come over then, love” he mumbled, “I’m missing you an awful lot.