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Fem chat lines

I honestly hope Kiyo does some kind of porn in his lifetime of the DK cast.

(inb4 'poor guy' is fucking Vi)1176247\n\n Whoever is commissioning all this porn with Bill is doing a great service. Would be nice if he got paired with someone other than Vi or the Indigos, though.

So unless you ask him directly if he\'d ever do it, we may never know for sure.', 0, '', '');" title="Edit Post"1164788 It's doubtful now.

A lot of artists who draw artistic/tasteful nudes end up giving in to the temptation of porn somewhere down the road.

And you only have enough for someone of Dave\'s price range?

', 0, '', '');" title="Edit Post"1183817 I just thought you where looking to commission someone, but Dave is too busy to do so. Or is Lord Kiyo one of them real expensive artists?

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For years, he's sworn it off, made fun of people trying to ask him to draw it, and even created fictional species with fictional genitalia so that he doesn't have to draw the real thing.