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I want to make sure that x contains only order_number(always in numerics only) or order_number plus line_number(Order_Number-Line_Number - for e.g 11101-1, 11102-34 in format etc separated by '-') I have read regular expression that is used in javascript to validate the strings at front end but is there anything in Oracle that can be used just like regular expression to put strong validations?

Because of this fact, NULL values on columns may allow you to enter data into your database that might not meet your requirements.

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You can create constraints that check values in multiple columns at the same time.

For instance, if I wanted to create a single constraint that checked both the Salary, and Salary Type constraints I created above I could use the following code: This single constraint does the same thing as the above two constraints.

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A check constraint consists of a logical expression to identify what is a valid expression.

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