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I can’t believe the cast of “Roswell” is going to reunite at ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, this year from June 5-8.

When the show premiered 15 years ago, many of us were love-lorned teenagers.

I know that doesn’t say alot since she is “Snooki” but I am hoping her star power will raise attention to this reunion.

Snooki found out about this reunion via Twitter and I am betting on anything that she will be there.

This is just proof that Jason Katims has always been an exemplary executive producer.

I know that this will not happen again and as an ardent fan of the show (since day one) I have to be there.

Aside from going to ATX this year, I have written a Roswell Travel Guide for last year, visited Roswell, NM, interviewed both Brendan Fehr and author Melinda Metz for this website.

And soon-to-be-divorced Will (James Van Der Beek) is trying to get back into the dating game. "And there are little moments in everyone's lives where it's only human to want something else.

To bring the sitcom comparison full circle, the pilot is full of bawdy sex jokes and raunchy gags you'd find on ."I know there are complaints about the [dirty jokes], but I think people talk like that in real life with their friends. If you think your life is perfect, there's something wrong.

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Yesterday, Brendan Fehr leaked on his Twitter page that there was a “Roswell” reunion underway comprised with Executive Producer Jason Katims, Shiri Appleby, himself and Nick Wechsler.