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Chat room full sexy irls

It's not really that great of a film for actual GIMPage, but there are a few whipping scenes, including one where Dorothy gets tied to a bed and has the soles of her feet whipped. The gag, her open blouse (that I imagine was ripped open), her exposed breasts, but most of all her facial expression as she looks at the stool where she will be tormented. Also for those who care, I am keeping erodite's site at DFN up showcasing her best stories and photo manips. And I will be redoing the Dick Quick series and posting them there for lack of any other spot I know of. (18921) Fritz wrote: Lamentation and Dagon: I'm only now catching up on my GIMP reading so this post is a little late. I have always been a fan of Robert's Artistry and my favorite food is veal. entertainers, including attractive singer Lorry Evering (Eve Meyer), husband-and-wife comedians Benny and Stella Sullivan, singer-dancer sisters Roberta and Marsha, comic Hal Wilson and their assistant George, depart an American military camp and head toward Pong-ni, unaware that the city has fallen to the North Korean Communist forces.

It was good enough that I added the footage to my very first compilation tape. This could be an interesting poll, and hopefully people will bring up some little known gems involving Playmates that we can check out. Thanks for the very enjoyable stories you added to the GIMP fiction section. I will endeavor to include, in my next tale, a few more mature GIMPs. This is a genuinely "puritan era" film offering only illusions of GIMP activity and awful dialog.

As far as the Bunny Bound site and most Patreon posts, The thing is called 'Bunny Bound' just like 'Barbarella,' 'Vampirella,' 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and so on... I get that you want to see different chicks getting GIMPed, but I find this the strangest critique to defend....

Like I said, if that's your thing, check out the Patreon, all the Best Bunny, plus tons of other babes in weird bondage and torture! Jayden looks pretty nice, but noticed a nasty tat on one of her feet in one of the stills. The head back, her arms tightly bound behind her and the gag biting into the corner of her mouth. Today’s pic: What a despicable way to treat a bunny. Can we include the ever so mouth-watering Barbi Benton who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine four times: July 1969, March 1970, May 1972, and December 1985 and in additional nude photo layouts in the December 1973 and January 1975 issues.

I am really very glad to hear from a lot of you regarding the work I have done on Bunny Bound... I mean, nothing is perfect, and I'm not going to please everyone right?

For those who want to see a bunch of DIFFERENT characters..check out the Patreon page where I post 'Pre-Bunny' GIMP art...

Sadly, there was no time to take a digital video of it. Bound onto the spiked stool with head pulled back by the pony tail and tied to the elbows that are crushed together behind. [] Was Playboy bunny Marina Baker a witch in any movies?

So was Hollywood, since her story was made into a TV movie with Jamie Leigh Curtis and then later a theatrical film, , with Mariel Hemingway playing Dorothy. I have always been fascinated with what makes a woman be attracted to this sort of stuff. 18939) johnnyt said: “Later, the harsh look of the detective mags along with the baser tortures of the HOM/Blakemore days took hold. I admired his subtle cruelty combined with the figures of his victims.I hesitated a bit when you brought up the poll, but after looking at your list, even though it's obviously incomplete, it brought up a few scenes that triggered my memories.I'm no expert on Playboy Playmates, but one that immediately came to mind was Dorothy Stratten, probably the most famous Playmate ever, and for tragic reasons. I never expected an appreciative comment such as yours. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and I will try to please you by occasionally posting more of the nightmares that my inner demons concoct in the dark corners of my pscyche.In 2001, she worked as a magic consultant for a BBC documentary about the Harry Potter books." The full article: [] is here. Correction to the previous post: It was the piss rag tied back to the elbows..pulled the head back as well as let the gag sink deep into the mouth.The gurgled groans of tortured agony echoed off the walls nicely.

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So while her death was sad in the extreme, Dorothy did get to play a true victim in one film before she was murdered, which cements her legacy for GIMPers, at least. The historical settings are quite credible and both tales feature a much welcome plot along with some deliciously severe peril action. Perhaps my only complaints involve the relatively young victims in Lamentation's account – all are 18 or 19… – and the Deus ex machina ending to Dagon's narrative. Please consider adding to your superlative Playmate list Russ Meyer's former wife Eve. ," "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," and "The Seven Minutes." I became aware of Eve in the 1959 move Operation Dames. It is, however, a candidate for revision and could, when re-written become a "current era" classic.