Astrology match making or dating astrology

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Astrology match making or dating astrology

For Scorpio, who is not a people person, the greatest power is self power and self-sufficiency while Leo has the opposite power of moving and attracting people easily, like a Pied Piper — without the need for manipulation and coersion, which is often how Scorpio plays the Pied Piper role.These two signs will find their differing sensibilities fascinating.

This is not surprising since these two uniquely have a monopoly on the sex houses of the zodiac.

Scorpio can help Leo become more focused and actually do something productive with their many talents.

Leo and Scorpios have different realms of intensity and power, making them a great balance for one another. they are vivacious and like to go out in the world and seize the day; this will pull Scorpio out of isolation and introversion.

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Leo has talent but prefers to simply enjoy it rather than leverage it.