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One possible developmental model is a ratio or proportional experience model.

By this model, a consistent difference between the female and male caregiving involvement could result in a constant reliable difference in female and male face representation, and we would expect a comparable female face preference across ages.

Some prior studies suggest that face gender categories formed in early infancy undergo further development during later infancy (e.g., 7–10 months, Leinbach and Fagot, 1993; Younger and Fearing, 1999).

Moreover, all of the previous studies examined the face gender preferences of Caucasian infants from Western countries in Europe or North America.

Moreover, the downturn in the female face preference correlated with the cumulative male face experience obtained in caregiving practices.

In contrast, no gender preference or correlation between gender preference and face experience was found for other-race Caucasian faces at any age.

The female face preference suggests that the female face representation is formed earlier than the male face representation.

Studying age related development in face gender preference offers an extension of the current literature, and can provide evidence relevant to how gender representations may change in the first year of life.

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Extensive studies suggest that face experience plays an important role in shaping the development of face processing in infancy (e.g., Pascalis et al., 2002; Kelly et al., 2007a,b, 2009).