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The film is set in Rome, and it looks just like it.

Ridley Scott went to many different locations to shoot this film to make it real, and he does.

Innocent people had to go through brutual fighting while thousands of people cheered for either their death or the enemy's death. From beginning to end there is excessive violence (for those action movie-goers, this is a movie for you).

If you were an inexperienced fighter, chances are you would get killed. People came from all over to see these fights and to see the blood that was shed, that is why you can't blame the characters in this film for being so forlorn and saddened the whole time. But if the violence is concerning you, don't let it.

I'd have to say that anyone who likes Ridley Scott (I sure do) should see this.

It is a lot like Ridley's other movies (Black Hawk Down was also amazing).

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