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Moving beyond just graphics, Metal 2 provides deep support for GPU-accelerated machine learning and offers enhanced developer tools that make it even easier to debug, optimize, and deploy Metal apps.

Metal 2 on A11 Bionic Chip The seamless integration of Metal 2 with the Apple-designed A11 GPU architecture opens up advances in rendering, compute and machine learning techniques.

Learn more about machine learning VR and External GPUs On Mac, Metal 2 adds support for virtual reality (VR) rendering and external GPUs, and provides new APIs and optimizations to help developers embrace these emerging technologies within their apps.*Learn more about mac OS High Sierra Improved Tools Developing and optimizing apps based on Metal 2 is even easier with the redesigned debugging and optimization tools in Xcode.

An enhanced GPU Frame Debugger gives developers access to GPU hardware performance counters and opens up new opportunities for fine-tuning graphics and compute workloads.

In Metal 2, MPS expands its machine learning capabilities to enable new classes of algorithms, such as natural language processing, to execute on the GPU.

Find out more about connected devices Learning to code with Swift Playgrounds is incredibly engaging.

The app comes with a complete set of Apple-designed lessons.

Plug in your guitar or mic and choose from a jaw‑dropping array of realistic amps and effects.

You can even create astonishingly human‑sounding drum tracks and become inspired by thousands of loops from popular genres like EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, and more. Plug in your USB keyboard and dive into the completely inspiring and expanded Sound Library, featuring electronic‑based music styles like EDM and Hip Hop.

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Edit your performances right down to the note and decibel.

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