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Adult singles dating galatia illinois

The full title of the Passionist institute is: The Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Most Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ . Paul of the Cross , called in the world Paul Francis Danei.

The saint was born 3 Jan., 1694, at Ovada, a small town in the then Republic of Genoa.

They have no endowments, nor are they allowed to possess property either in private or in common, except their houses and a few acres of land attached to each.

They therefore depend upon their labours and the voluntary contributions of the faithful.

To this end the Passionists at their profession add to the three usual religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, a fourth--to promote to the utmost of their power, especially by such means as their rules point out, a devotion to the Passion of Our Divine Saviour.

After the congregation had been approved by Benedict XIV many associates joined St.

The conditions for the reception of novices are, besides those common to all religious orders: (1) that they be at least fifteen years of age, and not over twenty-five (from this latter the father general can dispense for any just and sufficient reason); (2) that they show special aptitude for the life of a Passionist; (3) if they are to be received as clerics they must have made due progress in their studies and show the usual signs of vocation to the priesthood.

After profession and the completion of their classical and intermediate studies, the students take a seven years' course of ecclesiastical studies under the direction and tuition of professors, or lectors as they are called, in philosophy, theology, Holy scripture etc., and when they have passed the required examinations they are promoted to Holy orders sub titulo Paupertatis.

There he was clothed by his bishop in the habit of the Passion, and there wrote the Rules of the new institute. Paul while yet a layman and before he assembled companions to form a community.

He narrates, in a statement written in obedience to his confessor, how Our Lord inspired him with the design of founding the congregation, and how he wrote the Rules and Constitutions.

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The idea of the founder was to unite in it the solitary life of the Carthusians or Trappists with the active life of the Jesuits or Lazarists.

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