14 in carbon 14 dating

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14 in carbon 14 dating

Probably the best source of scientific evidence for Creation is the book, In the Beginning by Walter T. Brown does an excellent job of collating all the evidence from multiple researchers (including Gentry and Humphreys) and presenting it an a concise fashion.

Brown also has an excellent theory, revealed in a chapter called the One commonly used argument against the Creation week as detailed in Genesis is that the sun and moon were created on day four.

God spoke and the land (granites included) instantly formed.But we don't see any missing links to speak of, or creatures in transition.(Once in a while some "scientist" will speculate and publish some "finding" which is generally discarded later) When we find a mutant in the higher level creatures, it is nearly always sterile.If the evolutionary process was to continue however, we would expect the continuation of asexual characteristics or possibly hermaphroditic characteristics (i.e. Moreover, an evolving hermaphroditic creature should be able to self-fertilize itself.Without asexual characteristics or self-fertilizing hermaphroditic characteristics, how possibly could a mutant entity reproduce?

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Yet we have tens of thousands of the higher orders of species with perfectly matched sexually sets of males and females.

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